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Numa's corporate purpose is to meet the food needs of bread and noodles for the basic basket of the population of the Holguín territory, other productions derived from flour and agricultural products, as well as productions destined to snacks for education, health and others; With a traditional technology, a group of capable, enthusiastic and enterprising workers, have endorsed the philosophy of serving the people unconditionally and for this purpose it develops, distributes and markets products according to their characteristics and their standards.

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    Yamila Hernández Pérez 14.03.2021 17:09
    Mi nombre es Yamila Hernández Pérez , vecina de los Mineros , Rafael Freyre . Por este medio me dirijo a la AMPP Rafael Freyre Torres para presentar el problema de mi vivienda la cuál estamos construyendo por esfuerzo propio desde 1985 . Nos las dejo ...


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