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The Conceptualization of the Model, the National Plan for Economic and Social Development until 2030 and the Guidelines approved in the VI and VII Congress of the PCC, have led to the management approach of our development from the local, reach priority in the midst of national strategies.
The current context drives the development of municipalities according to their strategies and their agreement with the province and the country, to strengthen them as a fundamental instance, with the necessary autonomy to achieve sustainability in this scenario.

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Business culture is one of the dimensions of economic culture. It identifies the way a company is and is evident in its actions in the face of problems, challenges and opportunities; adaptation to change; in its beliefs, among other aspects. Although there are different approaches to this form of culture, there is agreement that the analysis of corporate culture should take into account the history and evolution of the economic, political and social context of the country and the company, as well as some of its content, beliefs, values, standards, myths, rituals, taboos, the so-called dark areas, so that each company has its own personality and culture that is unique, which integrates different cultures.

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Fidel attributed ideas and culture the capacity of engendering revolution, therefore, in the introduction of the guidelines passed in the Seventh Congress of the Party (2011) it is stated that: “it is necessary to boost the people’s economic culture…”

The complexity of the concept of culture make up a wide spectrum of problems which become interrelated, to a point its definition leads to different criteria by the field experts. Cervantes Dictionary defines culture as: “A group of material and spiritual values created by humanity across time, and also states about that it is: “The level of development reached by society in instruction, science, literature, arts, moral, philosophical and corresponding institutions”.

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