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The Provincial Assemblies of the People’s Power, constituted in the political - administrative demarcations in which the national territory is divided, are the local superior bodies of the State Power, and consequently, they are vested with the highest authority to implement their duties in their respective jurisdictions.

The Provincial Assembly of the People’s Power of Holguin comprises 103 delegates headed by a President, a Vice-president and a Secretary, in which are represented all the sectors of society (teachers, scientists, artists, land toilers, sports peoples, leaders, workers, members of the Ministry of Interior (MININT), etc, who are voted every five years.

The delegates are grouped into Permanent Working Commissions, which are headed by a president, a vice-president and a secretary, and a given number of members. To become a delegate to the Provincial Assembly one should be 16 years old or older, and should have be elected by the electors in the of the municipality one was nominated at.

The Provincial Assembly contributes to the development of activities and to the fulfilment of the plans of the entities located in each territory.

The Provincial Assembly has a board of directors to run local affairs, which is headed by the President of the Assembly, and a Vice-president to meet the duties of the Administration Body, a Secretariat and eight Vice-presidents which include the directors of Public Health and Education. The other members till mounting 25 are directors of provincial and national subordination whose duties meet with the people’s vital programs.

The Board of Directors tiene carácter colegiado, runs the economic entities, of production and services in accordance with the subordination set and whose main duty of promoting the economic and social development of the territory.

President: Julio Cesar Estupiñan Rodriguez

Vicepresident: Carmen Gertrudis Bejerano Tamayo

Secretary: Maite Pupo Romero

Vice-president of the Board of Directors: Manuel Hernandez Aguilera



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