Holguin, a cultural capital city

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Holguin, Romerias de Mayo, cultre, Cuba

Holguin people have such a deep vocation of being capital city dwellers that are not far away from moving Havana's Malecon seaside, its Capitol and the Giraldilla statue to the country's northeast region. For the moment, we proclaim ourselves "capital of artistic youth, of humor" and dance". Such baptism is not accidental. A wide system of cultural events all along the year puts the name of "Holguin" in "the worlds lead".

Holguin celebrates Cuba's Fire Fighters Day

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Cuba, Holguin, firemen, fire fighters, defense

The provincial event for the Cuban Firefighter's Day was held this October 13th at the recreation center of the Ministry of the Interior, with the participation of Brigadier General Roberto Reyes la O, head of the Military Region of the territory, Colonel Victor Rafael Miralles, second head of the Minint in Holguín and Juan Miguel Moran, Coordinator of the Government's Defense Programs in Holguin.

Holguin holds online Python Pizza event

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Holguin, images, Python-Pizza, Cuba

Sponsored by the Union of Cuban Informatics (UIC for its Spanish acronym), an international event called Python Pizza will take place this November 14, - which indeed is a marathon of online conferences organized by the Free Software Community in Holguin.